DFL Verre Salt Cellar with Lid


Easily add salt or ground spices to your dishes. This piece, equipped with a walnut wood lid, will bring a touch of naturalness to your kitchen. Use it to keep your fleur de sel handy, cool and dry.

DFL Verre is a company that aims to produce quality items that can satisfy epicureans as well as lovers of design objects. Their handmade glass  collection will perfectly match your lifestyle. The simple shapes and muted colors of our collection make it easy to match your everyday kitchen decor.

Each item is handcrafted in Quebec, Canada, with particular attention to detail, using traditional techniques and craftsmanship to  create top quality objects that combine functionality and design.


Dishwasher safe, hand wash is recommended.

Do not immerse the lid in water. Cclean with a damp cloth.

Handmade in Canada