Dean Davidson Hoop Earrings – Dune


The Dean Davidson Collection is developed in Jaipur, India in a traditional family owned artisan workshop where both father and grandfather are master gem cutters. Spanning over three generations, the family’s craftsmanship is unmatched as the grandfather is known for making custom jewelry pieces for India’s royal family.

Although minimal in presentation, it’s the width and the softness of the brushed metal that is at the heart of the Large Dune Hoop design, and the cultural influence of these easily wearable and always fashionable hoops.

Material: DD Signature Brushed 22-Karat Gold or Rhodium Finish Over High-Quality Brass.


Designed in Toronto

Small:  2.4cm / 0.94″ long
2.4cm / 0.94″ wide

Large:  55mm / 2.1 inch long
55mm / 2.1 inch wide

X-Large:  6.2mm / 2.4″ long
4.2mm / 0.16″ wide

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