Wine Guard Casual Glass Covers


The Casual WineGuard is a multi-purpose wine glass cover. It’s a strong circular mesh screen enforced by a food-grade stainless steel rim.

The WineGuard Patio silicone rim bands are bright red, green, yellow and purple colour. The WineGuard is designed to fit most wine glasses large or small and its weight ensures it won’t blow off your glass. You can now sip your vino knowing it’s yours, plus a fruit fly, gnat, insect or unwanted air particle won’t fall into your glass!

Set of 4 Casual WineGuards with Patio Rim Colours and a Stand.
Casual WineGuards come with bright red, green, yellow and purple colour silicone rim bands that are removable!
The Stand can be used to keep the WineGuards clean and to store when not in use.
WineGuards are made of food-grade stainless steel and are dishwasher safe

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