Spring Triflora Planter and Plants


We’re teaming up with our friend and neighbour Amanda from Stratford Blooms to bring you a fun way to bring some spring happiness into your home!

Umbra was born out of passion for original design and the desire to create products for every home. At Umbra, the team of international designers brings thought and creativity into everyday items. Driven by innovation, Umbra pulls inspiration from the global marketplace, in order to push boundaries in the approach to original design.

The Triflora’s efficient and easy way of storing plants or herbs, mixed with it’s clean and crisp black and white colour scheme makes it the ultimate plant display solution.

Bradshaws will arrange a FREE No-Contact Delivery to a Stratford or St. Mary’s address!

IT’S simple! 🌿




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An easy project to freshen up your home decor!

Umbra Fountain Planter and Dried Arrangement sold separately.