Credo Market String Bag


Credo Bags is a Canadian company, headquartered in Montreal, whose goal is to inspire people to make small, simple changes in their everyday habits, changes that collectively and cumulatively help our environment.

The String Market Bag  brings old world style back to shopping.  Originally made for fisherman, net bags, known in France as filet, were later adopted for mainstream use as featherweight, flexible totes for everything from groceries to laundry.  This cotton reusable bag is great to use at the market and for daily shopping.  Lightweight and compact in design, this is a highly functional option and will end the need for plastic bags in your daily life.

:  Long handle to be worn comfortably on the shoulder
:  can carry up to 20 – 25 lbs (12 – 12 kilos) of groceries
:  100% cotton – natural and undyed
:  washable (please allow up to 8-10% shrinkage)
:  dimensions:  24 in / 56 cm, total length, including shoulder strap

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