Pizza Grill Package


Want the best possible pizza on your BBQ or in the oven? Try any combination from our pizza grill package!

Choose the colour pizza stone that you like, add a dough mix, add a sauce flavour, and your own toppings! Voila – dinner is ready! (And it’s healthy, but don’t tell the kids!)

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This Pizza Stone from France makes amazing pizza on your BBQ or in your oven!

  • ADD ON:
    Urban Slicer Pizza Dough – Neapolitan – An impeccable blend of flour and yeast for creating Italy’s most famous pizza.

    Stella Eats Pizza Dough Baking Mix – Stellar Eats pizza is soft, doughy and super filling! It will hold up against any topping or sauce you desire! We’re talkin’ real-deal, durable, wont crumble in your hands type of grain-free crust!

    Favuzzi Sicilian Style Tomatoe Sauce – The Favuzzi Sicilian-style sauce is a thick blend of crushed yellow and red bell peppers and tomatoes, complemented with chopped onion and eggplant

    Favuzzi Tomatoe and Basil Sauce – Nothing rivals with the taste of Italian tomatoes ripened under the Mediterranean sun and seasoned with fresh, locally grown aromatics.

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