Mortier Pilon Snack Bags


Get in the mood for packing lunches again! One of our goals at Bradshaws is to make your life easier and this is why we’ve launched our Litterless Lunch Box Shop online! Get everything you need for packing healthy lunches for school or work here! Bradshaws is your one stop shop for great design, quality and durability.

Give up plastic bags in your lunchbox with these Mortier Pilon Reusable Lunch Bags. Washable, sealable and waterproof, these sustainable lunch bags allow you to carry your favorite foods without any ecological footprint!

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Contains 3 Snack Bags (18 x 20 cm / 7 x 8 in)
Twist and clip bag ends to safely store your lunch
After use, hand wash with cold water and an eco-friendly soap. Air-dry.

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