Modern Sprout Microgreens Pop Up Kit – Pollinator Habitat


Modern Sprout got their start by being really into eating (who’s not?). The fresh, homegrown herbs that they desired were not supported by a yard-less home and busy lifestyle. Determined to find a solution, they turned to their windowsills and put pen to paper. By making their own hydroponic system that hadn’t yet existed in a seamless, beautiful and accessible way, they grew foolproof plants.

Pop, plant and grow! Complete kit to grow microgreens in a playful pop-up box. This interactive kit will get your kids hooked on the bright flavors of nutritious Microgreens.

Only 1 left in stock

Size: 9” w x 6.25” d x 1” h

Seed details:
Pollinator Habitat contains spicy and zesty, radish microgreens packed with nutrients

Certified Organic Seeds
Natural Fiber Growing Pad
Pop-Up Card
100% biodegradable growing tray
Growing Instructions
Opt-in Daily Text Reminders

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