Mary MacLeod’s Butterscotch Bars


The legacy began back in 1981 when Mary Macleod opened Canada’s first-ever shortbread shop under the marquee of Toronto’s Capitol Theatre. This tiny bakeshop was the origin of the signature small-batch shortbread and uncompromising quality.

To this day, they do things Mary’s way: happily crafting all-butter shortbreads by hand using only simple, premium ingredients. After all, the best indulgence is an everyday occasion.

Mary’s special blend of Traditional shortbread and chewy butterscotch pieces is a heavenly, decadent delight. Soft and tender, the sweet butterscotch chips paired with our shortbread make these bars so chewy and decadent that you cannot help but savour each bite for as long as possible.

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6 Bars / Dimensions: 3.5” x 3.5” x 1”