Michel Design Works Honey Almond Glass Cleaner


Over 30 years ago, Deborah and Bruce Michel launched Michel Design Works, featuring beautiful paper gifts, such as books, journals, and stationary. From the beginning, they believed that  packaging was just as important as the gift itself. Deborah developed their own unique style, inspired by her lifelong love of French and English art from the 18th and 19th centuries. Her layering of multiple antique designs and her vivid color transformations lead to us establishing a stunning, often whimsical look that is always recognizable.

Could the wonderful, popular scent of this Honey Almond be more delicious? Yes, this spray-on cleaner is perfect for glass, but it also makes tile, chrome, and mirrored surfaces shine. Just use with a clean, non-linting cloth or a paper towel.

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Fragrance: Sweet almond muddled with cherry, vanilla and honey.

16 fl.. oz. / 473 ml


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