Le Creuset Mini Rainbow Ramekin Set


Add some colour and cheer to your table with this rainbow coloured collection from Le Creuset. Featuring six beautiful, vibrant colours that you know and love and which can effortlessly be paired into your existing collection. Delicious meals, drinks and snack are at the end of this rainbow.

A beautiful set of six stoneware mini ramekins, in a mix of bright rainbow hues. These handy ramekins have all sorts of uses, from holding spices for mise en place, for an individual serving of sauces or condiments or holding ingredients on a cheese board. They can also be used on a countertop or table to hold snacks or candy.

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Set of 6
Material:  Stoneware
Capacity:  100 ml
Heat Source:  Oven, Microwave, Broiler
Length:  7.8 cm
Width:  7.8 cm
Height:  4.5 cm
Cleaning:  Dishwasher-Safe