Kvas Fine Beverage Co – Lavender Jasmine Simple Syrup


KVAS FBC. is owned by a husband and wife duo, Amy & Zac Kvas.

Kvas Fine Beverage Co. started in 2018 as a side project. Working behind the bar and at festivals, both Amy and Zac saw a large demand for cocktails, along with the ability to recreate cocktails at home.

Together they work to drive the cocktail scene in Niagara and beyond, create the most premium cocktails syrups & garnishes, and give their much loved customers the confidence and ability to bartend at home or professionally.

It’s your best friends birthday party and you have no idea what to get them. Answer? Kvas Lavender Jasmine Simple Syrup.

You can bake with it, you can shake with it, and you can drink it non-alcoholic with a little soda water and lemon. Kvas Lavender Jasmine Simple Syrup uses REAL Ontario Lavender and Canadian blended Jasmine Tea to give you a floral, honey-sweet syrup sure to lighten the mood of any party.

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12 fl. oz / 350 ml
Locally crafted in Niagara, Ontario


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