Knife Sharpening Advanced


Stratford Chef School Kitchen | 136 Ontario Street | Stratford, Ontario | N5A 3H4 | 519-271-1414
September 23, 2019 | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

In Partnership with our friends and neighbours at Stratford Chefs School

Take the next step towards honing your knife knowledge as you learn how to use a whetstone to sharpen your kitchen knives.  Bring your knives from home and gain hands-on experience.
Take this fun and interactive class to learn the following:
:  Discover the difference between sharpening vs. honing,
:  Explore angling techniques,
:  Learn how to repair a damaged knife,
:  Receive a $5.00 Bradshaws voucher to use towards the purchase of a sharpening stone.

You will leave this class feeling as sharp as the knives you’ll take home!

PLEASE NOTE:  The prerequisite for this class is Knife Sharpening for Beginners, or rudimentary knowledge of whetstone sharpening.

Guest testimonials –
“I found the class very worthwhile.  One of the things I took away from it was the correct technique to use in honing knives with a steel.  My complements to Chef Eli Silverthorne and Carrie Wreford for leading an enjoyable and instructive class.”
submitted by Fred
“Knife Sharpening for Beginners is an excellent starting point for information on how to sharpen and keep your knives sharp.  Carrie and Eli are a great team, both offering good information on knife construction and quality, types of knives and metal used in knives.  Hands on is the best way to get the feel for technique.  Can’t wait for the follow up – Knife Skills.”
submitted by Dianne
“I would 110% recommend you to attend any of the sessions at the Stratford Chefs School partnered with Bradshaws.  I would honestly say that my knife skills were very basic prior to attending and have grown exponentially.  I have learned the difference between honing and sharpening…….. Very informative for a amateur chef.”
submitted by Peter

After you’ve taken this class – check out the Knife Skills Class and get choppin’!

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