Knife Sharpening Advanced

Stratford Chef School Kitchen | 136 Ontario Street | Stratford, Ontario | N5A 3H4 | 519-271-1414
July 13, 2020 | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Take the next step towards honing your knife knowledge to a professional level as you learn how to use a whetstone to sharpen and restore your kitchen knives. Bring your knives from home and gain hands-on experience. This class is best suited for home cooks with intermediate to advanced knife skills.

Take this fun and interactive class to learn the following:
Discover the difference between sharpening vs. honing,
Explore angling techniques,
Learn how to repair a damaged knife,
Receive a $5 Bradshaws voucher to use towards the purchase of a sharpening stone.

PLEASE NOTE – The prerequisite for this class is Knife SHARPENING For Beginners, or rudimentary knowledge of whetstone sharpening.

You will leave this class feeling as sharp as the knives you’ll take home!

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$40.00 per person

Eli Silverthorne