Kanel Spices – Garden Party


Based in Montreal, Kanel is led by a small team of food-loving female entrepreneurs. They wanted to build a company they could believe in – innovative and ambitious, but also flexible, encouraging and family-friendly. They’re passionate about sustainability and believe food has the power to bring people together – and should be crazy delicious when it does.

Montreal-based illustrator and designer Joannie Houle’s delicate botanical designs inspire a feeling of delight and optimism, not unlike the meals you’ll create. Inside the limited-edition kit she designed, you’ll find a rich blend of spices and salts, each chosen for their bright, brimming-with-flavour ingredients. Great on veg, lean proteins, or tofu — these spices are like if your favourite market-fresh flavours got together for a garden party.

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Aglio Napoletano,
Hawaiian ‘Ono Poké,
Charred Lemon Sea Salt,
Stockholm Lemon & Dill,
Sweet & Smoky Rub

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