Kanel Endless Summer Collection


Based in Montreal, Kanel is led by a small team of food-loving female entrepreneurs. They wanted to build a company they could believe in – innovative and ambitious, but also flexible, encouraging and family-friendly. They’re passionate about sustainability and believe food has the power to bring people together – and should be crazy delicious when it does.

Bonfires. BBQs. Pool parties. The best summer memories are made when tasty meals are on the menu. This summery five-pack contains Kanel’s most grill-worthy blends, each with its unique flavour profile. Whether you’re into fiery, smoky goods, or love a caramelized, crispy bite, they have something in here sure to tickle every tastebud at the dinner table.

Summer feasts have never been so mouth-watering!

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Caramelized Coffee Rub (90g)
Butcher’s Block (90g)
Fresh Salted Peppercorns (70g)
Sweet Korean Heat (90g)
Organic Louisiana Fried Chicken (85g)

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