Crow Canyon Large Pitcher

Crow Canyon has been creating the largest selection of hand-made enamelware in the world since 1977 and helping sustainable feel effortless, functional and stylish. So it’s easy to hold on to the things that matter to your family – from recipes to traditions to stories, their enamelware is designed to make it all last.

Serve up your special sweet tea recipe or brighten a room with a display of fresh cut flowers. This 3 qt pitcher is gorgeous on any tabletop.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Width Inches – 6.5
Height Inches – 9
Length at Widest Point – 10
Capacity Measurement – 2.84 qt.

Dishwasher Safe
Ok to use on oven, grill, stovetop, campfire
Do not use in microwave
Don’t use abrasive cleansers or hard water stain removers on the surface

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