Authentic Models Compass/Sundial 18th Century


For over 50 years, Authentic Models has celebrated the adventurous past by recreating historically significant furniture, ornaments and objects in painstaking detail.  Founder Haring Piebenga has always been dedicated to embracing the skills and pride that go into developing, designing and crafting original Authentic Models products while adding contemporary twists that help their items fit seamlessly into modern day surroundings. Authentic Models expresses an age-old spirit of exploration through highly attractive objects and accessories inspired by history for modern-day discerning customers.

This exquisite replica 18th C. Sundial/Compass uses the compass to find north and by raising the triangular gnomon upright while pointing the compass needle North will show the time. The correct time will show only if the local latitude corresponds to angle of gnomon. The compass opened the world to exploration and discovery. A great gift idea for outdoor lovers and adventurers!

Materials: Brass, glass
Distressed French finish
Hand colored reproduction compass cards
Hand aged and hand polished
Diameter: 9cm (3.5″)


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