Appleflats Sour Apple Crabapple Mixer


The story began in the summer of 1993, when the parents of the two founders Glen and Alex Smyth, along with aunt and uncle, finished building a house on their newly purchased farmer’s field in Wellesley Ontario. They then planted a crabapple tree in their front yard to celebrate the milestone.  Today, thousands of people enjoy Appleflats crabapple products. All of the crabapples are still hand-picked and never sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. Appleflats is proud to produce natural products made with simple ingredients and without artificial colours or sweeteners.

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Sweetly tart crabapple flavour
Great with whiskey sours, appletinis, or sangria
Low sugar
All natural ingredients
Ingredients: Locally grown crabapples, water, cane sugar, citric acid



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